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We are seeking Mentor Benefactors to travel on our retreats and take a Mentor's role for a transitioning Special Operator.  Fund 1-2 wounded special operators and travel with them to one of our golf retreats.  Spend the week getting to know them, assessing their transition needs and developing a support plan to aid them.  We supply the resources, the venue, and world-class golf.  You provide your experience, generosity, and patriotism by becoming a mentor to one of America's best.


Donate to SOWGF - and at the same time, support our partners:

SOWGF raises funds to cover its retreat and some administrative costs.  What's unique about us is that we are simultaneously supporting our benevolent partners.    All our retreats have onsite physical and mental health therapy to assist an immediate need.  However, care for wounded warriors takes more than the span of a week-long golf retreat - therefore our connection to our partners is a must - they provide the long term support, while we monitor the warrior's needs and sustain connections through their transition.  

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